"Antonia's energy is all that yoga stands for.  She is kind, non egotistical, fun loving, and oriented toward growth.  She offers challenging poses with a kind and easy to understand explanation, and I achieved poses in her class I had never done before!! She understands that yoga meets the student where they are, and does her best to make sure everyone is comfortable, safe, and reaping all the positives of a yoga practice.  She is a wonderful teacher not only  because she is educated and knows what she's doing technically, but because she is a wonderful person who knows what she's doing spiritually.  If you've never done yoga before she is a wonderful introduction, and if you have, she will allow your pratice to flourish.  You will not be disappointed in having the chance to get to know her as a teacher and a human being. She is wonderful." 

Diana Scime-Sayegh, Director Wellness Business, New York

"Antonia's class represents her personality to a "T". It's full of playfulness, intrigue, growth, and fulfillment. She teaches in a way that allows you to explore the poses on a deeper level. She encourages you to connect to your style, your pose, your practice. I'd recommend her class to yogis of all levels, beginners to advanced." Namaste'

 Nicole Walters, Bending Branch Yoga

"I had an amazing one to one session with Antonia.  I hadn't done any yoga for well over a year but she made it so easy to get back into it.  She was calm, patient and supportive with a lovely sense of humour.  The session was challenging but not beyond my capability.  I would recommend her to absolutely anyone and cannot wait to go back."  

Fanny Shorter, Designer, London

"Antonia's yoga class offers something unique and powerful. Her remarkable presence and passion for life inspires you to dive into the practice with an open mind and body. Skilled at  designing her classes to accommodate both the seasoned yogi and the beginner. You will gain so much more than physical awareness and strength from Antonia's class and be offered the chance to build your confidence from the inside out... and have a blast doing it."

Jenna Mangan, Zumba Instructor, 200hr RYT, Actor and Professional PErfomer Toronto, ON

"Antonia’s class is a perfect blend of advanced strength poses and precision alignment.  Whereas most flow classes focus on the “look” of a pose, Antonia ensures that poses are properly executed through verbal cues and hands-on adjustments.  And just when you think a pose is way beyond your ability, Antonia provides the right words of motivation and encouragement to go beyond your comfort zone.  Antonia’s great for challenging you to do the advanced poses and she will literally “catch” you should you fall out of it. I cannot wait to take another class with Antonia!!!" 

Faye Ocomen, Social Worker

"I have tried several different yoga instructors in the past and I consider Antonia to be the ultimate yoga teacher! She designs each lesson to suit everyone's individual abilities, and pays extra attention to correct posture and breathing techniques. Her calm and professional attitude make every minute an enjoyable and positive experience. I leave every lesson feeling inspired and at peace. I highly recommend Antonia as a yoga instructor and truly believe many clients would benefit from her refreshing and effective teaching methods". 

Amanda Harasym, Naturopath

"Antonia is a great yoga instructor; she makes yoga fun and satisfying, instructing with humor and confident command." 

Cindy Hathaway, Yoga Teacher